» 2006 – today

Owner of WESTBROCK Technology Consulting

» 2000 – 2006

Telecommunications Wholesale: CTO of a new company for the wholesale of telecommunications with app. 120 network operators and hubs in Germany and China.

» 1999 – 2000

Product- and Solution-Management for NGN Next Generation Network solutions of a large European telecommunications producer.

» 1996 – 1998

Set-up of one of the first broad band networks (cable television) for high-speed internet and interactive TV, Service development up to market-ready stage; first flat rate internet service in Germany; European research projects for service integration and billing of multimedia services (ACTS/Advanced Communications Technologies and Services).

» 1991 – 1995

Set-up and management of the department for consulting and network engineering of a medium-sized system company; Implementation of cost optimization of corporate networks with more than 10.000 participants.

» 1989 – 1991

European research projects in broadband communication (RACE/Research and technology development in Advanced Communications technologies in Europe).

» 1987 – 1989

System development and system integration of the first generation of commercial e-mail systems in Europe, co-operation in international standardisation.

» 1981 – 1986

Software engineer for digital telephone exchange systems, software engineer in one of the world’s first broadband networks “BIGFON”.

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